I have always felt close to the horses but my private life allowed me to start riding only at the end of the nineties. I took my first lessons in Sukoró just in order to try whether I only have the love for horses or riding can provide me the experience that I had imagined for a long time. After the practice acquired following the initial experiences, I had the opportunity to take lessons from Kövy András that influenced the evolution of my commitment to the dressage rider sport. I love all branches of riding and equestrian sports but dressage riding is truly the segment of this sector of sports, which captures me best and causes me the most joy. I am convinced that dressage riding is really the queen of equestrian sports. (...)
My private life allowed me to purchase the known real estate under favourable conditions. During my first walk on the area it became clear to me that I wanted to establish all the facilities that can fulfil all the expectations of the horses. At that time I only considered to establish the Equestrian park for myself at a much less speed than it is today. Then we have arrived here for long years.

(excerpt from the interview with Pulai Péter taken by Horváth László on 21. 10. 2009www.horvath-lukacs.hu/dijlovas/)

„To me the most memorable thing that I will preserve as a memory, as morals is that this course was truly a dressage test for which everyone deserves the honest thanks, the organisers, the judges that did their tasks for all this. (...) In the domestic palette, I think, this dressage rider race is at the same level as the National Championship and with regards to the amount of the prize, it is at a much higher level. Let the 3rd Pulai Cup be the standard for dressage rider races!”

(excerpt from the interview made with Berényi Miklós, published in periodical “Lovas Élet” (Equestrian Life), volume 2010/9)

„I would like to say first of all that the Pulai Equestrian Park that has just been inaugurated in Balatonvilágos gave a gift to the dressage riding sports. (...) Location: made for horses, riders, with the aim of holding races. The designer looked around carefully, took a sample on the already existing facilities and moulded a practical essence that can be further developed. In addition, the whole environment is very nice, well-kept, green. (...) The stables. There are clean, light, aerating, big, horse-friendly stalls, with doors that can be opened on one side in order that the horse can go outside at any time just for its own sake, to breathe fresh air and to catch flies. The racecourse. It fulfils international expectations, provided with flexible, non-skidding soil of sand and geo-textile... the rest is a secret. Anyway, the horses worked on it happily.”

(excerpt from the article written by Szűcs-Gáspár Kinga, published in periodical Lovas Élet (“Equestrian Life”), volume 2008/9)

„The equestrian park –a real park faithfully to its name– hallmarked by the name of Pulai Péter is an equestrian facility built at so high professional and aesthetic level that should be a benchmark to our equestrian society. (...) What I have written cannot compete with the comprehensive opinion of a participant that was the following: we are always very pleased to come to the races of the Pulai Equestrian Park in Balatonviágos!”

(excerpt from the interview made with Dallos Gyula, published in Pegazus (“Pegasus”) periodical, volume 2008/9)

„The Pulai Equestrian Park is a very nice spot, a dream riding course where the horse, the rider and the trainer can enjoy work. Everything is light and new, the soils are good, everything was all right, even the weather. The course was organised well and thanks to Mister Pulai Péter I could get acquainted with true Hungarian hospitality as well.”

(Interview with Heikei Kemmer. the dressage rider that acquired an individual bronze medal, being the member of the gold-medalled German national team at the 2008 Hong Kong Olympics, published in periodical Lovas Nemzet (“Equestrian Nation”), volume 2009/9)