The club was established in 2008 and we can say that since then a really homely nice little team has been alloyed where the members support and help one another and with solidarity. The members of our club are not only active riders but there are their friends and relatives, that have joined us “just” for good atmosphere and team-spirit, that long for spending a few hours, days in fresh air, in the outside and enjoying the sight of the peacefully grazing horses in the paddocks.

Our active riders that long for the challenges of racing enter the various domestic and international races in the colours of the Caballus Club by raising the reputation of the Caballus Club.

Active racing, excitement and waving the hands on public enclosures in the rows of the audience, conversations in the riding-school and meetings spent in friendly atmosphere with much laughing and good spirit as well as home-races at home or week-ends spent with voluntary building, decorating jobs in the summer – they all belong to club life.