We would like to educate riders that care for the horse as their partner, as a knowledgeable and sensitive rider, by applying their knowledge self-confidently and appropriately, evaluating their own limitations realistically that can meet the challenges on any of the areas of equestrian life chosen by themselves. We undertake the equestrian training of not only children in the equestrian park but we think it is not too late for the young or the adult to start learning to ride either. The objective is to provide the riders with comprehensive education where the practical and theoretical knowledge of the riders and the care to be given to the horses are of equal importance. The curriculum is adjusted to the specific features of each age group, it considers that long time and much practising are necessary to learn the equestrian science at a high level, by offering to the riders the variety and the opportunity to continuous advance.

In our riding-school we provide training courses, education every day – except for Monday – but it is necessary to make an appointment for using each of the services.